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If you’re looking for  a new-build home in Newcastle right now, you’ll be delighted with the choice on offer in the city. While it is rightly admired for its 19th-centuryarchitecture and picturesque city streets, there are plentyof new home developments for sale in Newcastle’s inner and outer suburbs. There are also examples of disused industrial and commercial buildings being refurbished into chic residential addresses.

The population of Newcastle and its surrounding metropolitan area is around 800,000 and anyone looking for a new-build home in Tyneside has a wide choice of neighbourhoods to choose from. This includes not just the varied suburbs of Newcastle proper, but also a host of satellite towns not far from the city. Acknowledging that in many parts of the region, not all buyers are be able to purchase even a modest home on a limited income, property developers and housing associations are also making available affordable homes in Newcastle. A shared ownership or part-rent/part-buy arrangement helps those seeking a new-build home on a small budget achieve the security of their own property.
While the city’s fortunes were made in its industrial heyday, primarily through coal and shipbuilding, with the decline of these industries in the past few decades Newcastle as had to change and adapt itself. This regeneration is most visible in the docks area, where landmark projects such as the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and Sage Gateshead music and conference venue rub shoulders with a host of bars, restaurants, shops and new homes.

The location of  new home developments is often determined by the proximity of local amenities and transport links. There is a comprehensive public transport network in Newcastle, with buses and the Metro encompassing not just the city itself but surrounding towns as far away as Sunderland. The East Coast Main Line rail service provides a convenient link to Scotland and London and Newcastle’s busy airport operates a good range of domestic and European routes.

Newcastle’s NHS healthcare services are highly regarded and the city benefits from a number of  specialist and general hospitals, including three teaching hospitals. Homebuyers with children will be interested in the performance of the city’s best schools, which achieve standards well above the national average. There is a sizeable university student population, providing both a vibrancy to the city’s atmosphere and a ready-made rental market for those purchasing investment property.

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